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About Administration of the President 

The status of the Administration of the President RB.
Administration of the President RB is a state structure, formed in accordance with the point 24, article 87 of the Constitution RB.

The Administration of the President RB secures realization of the functions of the head RB and CEO RB, the powers, imposed on the President RB by the Constitution RB, the federal legislation and the legislation RB, by the President RB.

The Administration of the President RB:

- accomplishes the preparation of the bills for their introduction to the State Council-Kurultay - RB by the President RB in the course of a legislative initiative;
-prepares the projects of decrees, orders and instructions of the President RB and other documents, including the projects of the annual messages of the President RB to the State Council-Kurultay - RB;
- controls execution of the decrees, orders and instructions of the President RB;
-provides for interaction of the President RB with the public authorities and functionaries of Russian Federation, the subjects of Russian Federation, foreign states, with the Russian, foreign political and public activists, international organizations, as well as with the public and religious communities, professional unions and other public formations of Russian Federation;
- provides for the activity of the advisory and deliberative bodies under the President RB
- accomplishes collection, processing and analysis of the information about social-economical and public-political situation in Republic of Bashkortostan and its municipalities, preparation of analytical, reference and other materials for the President RB;
- accomplishes calculation, generalization and analysis of public appeals, proposals of the public communities and local self-government bodies, introduction of the corresponding materials to the President of Republic of Bashkortostan;

The President of Republic of Bashkortostan presides over the Administration of the President RB. The head of the Presidential Administration RB monitors the performance of the Presidential Administration RB.